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Seminars are Designed for Professional Development

Many of the programs can be customized to suit
your needs in length, emphasis, and format.

A seminar can be a one-hour, half-day,
or full-day program, small to large groups.

Much of commerce and professional life is really “the business of conversation” – talking with people. Effective talk is the nourishment that helps businesses thrive and professionals excel. Here are programs to help your people do their best:

Seminars and Workshops

Mastering Your Marketing Conversation

Make the most of your informal conversations with prospective customers. Learn different, proven ways to engage prospects so that they become actual customers.

From this 90-minute program, participants will take away...

  • new approaches for intriguing prospects about how your products or services can solve their problems and add benefits to their business.
  • a brief, interest-arousing statement to describe what they do.
  • low-key, powerful ways to follow up and continue the marketing conversation to build trust and establish expertise.
  • precise questions to learn about a prospect’s business situation.

How to Succeed at Small Talk

This fast-moving, interactive program gives participants ways to engage others with ease. You’ll learn ways to remember names, ask better questions, listen accurately, and end conversations tactfully. And you’ll make a positive, lasting impression. Each participant will receive a personal copy of the “Small Talk Success Tips” booklet with 125 practical tips to master small talk.)

Getting to Know You Better

This seminar is highly interactive as participants will quickly learn to know both associates and strangers at social mixers such as chambers of commerce, professional associations, and a various large business meetings. In 90 minutes, each participant will

  1. Meet at least 12 other people and know their interests, personal and geographical backgrounds and what projects or programs they are working on or hoping to work on.
  2. Have tools to use at other events for business or social life.

This fast-moving, light-hearted program will be facilitated by Loren Ekroth using his renowned 4 T matrix and some fun conversation games.

Seminar Information

For detailed information about these programs and how they can help you or your organization, phone Loren Ekroth at 702-629-1999 or email

The programs above are offered as public seminars or sponsored programs by associations and nonprofit organizations such as churches, charities, and service clubs, sometimes as gain-sharing programs as fundraising. They can be adapted to meet the specific requirements of any group. Please contact Loren Ekroth regarding your program requirements at 702-629-1999 or email